»The IBM Domino based Mobile Device Management solution!»

For using your Apple iOS devices in a secure, automated and manageable way you need an additional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

mobile.profiler is our 100% IBM Domino based Mobile Device Management solution, which specifically solves the lack of the missing IBM Notes Traveler administrative functions. No need for additional hard- or software, no additional administrative interface - run it native on your IBM Domino server and your IBM Notes client.

mobile.profiler Release 3.0 supports all iPhone and iPad device management functions which are provided by Apple with iOS7.

mobile.profiler Mobile Device Management

  • Automatic Setup and Deployment

    After the initial setup, configuration settings are automatically updated wirelessly at any time or distance. This is done by mobile.profiler Push Notification without any intervention by the end user. You assign any kind of settings like Lotus Traveler sync or a new VPN access to the managed device. When the device connects via GPRS or WiFi those settings are pushed and installed without user interaction.

  • Remote passcode reset, device lock and wipe

    A user has forgotten his device password? No problem. With mobile.profiler you can easily reset the password over-the-air. In the same way you can delete or disable non-policy-compliant devices - again over-the-air.

  • Simple Setup

    mobile.profiler uses the native Apple MDM capabilities. So you don't need an additional app on your iOS devices. For the first-time setup the user just needs to open the mobile.profiler homepage in his Safari browser. After logging in with his credentials (Notes, AD, LDAP) mobile.profiler installs automated all settings, which are applicable for this user. The device is now manageable over-the-air!

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